Péter Tar

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Bakonyoszlop, szilveszterkorI was born on august 14. 1978 in Budapest's IX-th district. My Zodiac sign is Leo.

When I was 5 my parents sent me to a music preparation school. After that I studied at Máté Zalka Elementray School in Budapest's XX-th district on music and singing faculty.

In our school there was a swabish choir, in wich I sang and become music technician.
I love my stomack. I like to sing, and dance. And I write poems as well.

This was the first time when I met computers, becouse we had some Commodore 64 machines in our school. Soon I got my first computer, and started programming in BASIC.

After elementary school I attended Gábor Egressy Technical High School, where I become Information and Computing Science Technician. In the secondary school I got my second computer, a 286 PC. I started programming in Pascal, C and assembly.

After high school I went to the Technical University of Budapest (TUB), and got a permission to skip the entering examination becouse I took the 17th place on the Hungarian Professional Studying Contest (OSZTV), but I started my studies at TUB one year later, becouse I finished the 5th class in scondary school.

I finished my studyes of Informatics at TUB on Communication Networks and Software Specification faculty.

The programming languages I used are: BASIC, Pascal, C, Assembly, C++, Prolog, SML, Modula, PERL, Java, Corba, SQL, PHP.

I took the name COPASOFT in the secondary school and since then I wrote lots of programs. Example programs: here. Since then I noticed that someone had already registered that name so I changed mine to CpS Copasoft.

My hobbyes:

The Water

I like all type of water sports: diving, sailing, swimming, rowing and driving boats. There are just a few water based sports that I haven't tryed yet: water skiing and windsurfing.

I started rawing in elementary school, where I used cenus and later kayak.
The sailing started when I spent a week on Alsóörs at holiday resort sailing camp of the Electric Works of Budapest (ELMU) . In the next two years I went to Révfülöp in the PM-s holiday resort, and spent some weeks there.

Later that I finished a sailing and motorised boat driving course.

Fortunately I was invited to Alsóörs to join the camp where i was a camper before, but right now I'm a teacher. Since then I spent there 3 summers, and enjoyed it very much. (Pictures at the gallery)

Another hobby of mine is diving. I finished a diving course in the PADI system. I spent a week in Egypt at the Red Sea diving. In these days I dive in Budapest in the cave of the Lukács medicinal watering place where the mineral spring is coming.

I like swimming too.

In the past three years I spent one week every year in a rowing camp on the Tisza and Rába rivers. (Pictures at the gallery)

The Music

My next love is the music. I like all kind of music. When I woke up I start listening music, I work listening music, and sometimes even sleep listening music.

Some of my favorite bands:

  • Scooter
  • KLF
  • Guns 'n' Roses
  • Queen
  • Jazz+Az
  • Bee Gees
  • Sub Bass Monster

My MP3 list is downloadable here.

I like singing too, and I'm looking forward to joining Vándor Choir of Budapest but I'm not decided yet.

I like parties too, and the best party is after which I can hardly talk becouse of the lots of singing...

I listening radio sation ROXY and Juventus too.


I like to drive anything and like to try everything. I can drive cars and ships. I'd love to drive airplanes, and really anything.


I think that it turned out real clerly from this page, that I like computers very much. Of course I used to play with my computer but in the mean time I do lots of other thiungs with it too. I write programs, and I maintain some servers too. At home I have a server wich does a lots of useful things forme. To learn more about my server click here: stockbauer.
At my university I maintain an another Linux server wich is called borsodi.

In the computer science business I'm intrested in the hardware side much more than the software side. From October of 1998 - I worked for the Drotposta Kft as a service personal, and after June of 2000 I maintained their servers. After the company union at January of 2001 I worked for INDEX as a system administrator. From October of 2002 I worked for Népszabadság Rt. as system administrator. From March of 2003 I'm working at Számalk as a system developer.

My most favorit computer games are: (nonordered list)

Hidden and Dangerous
Colin McRae Rally
Unreal Tournament
StarCraft - Brood Wars


I like good movies, mostly those, which make a remaining impression in me. A good sign of a film like that is that, when the movie ends no one begins to run to the exit immediately, but remain still thinking for some time.

Some of my favorits: (nonordered list)

The adventures of Ford Fairlane
The life of Brian
Independence day
6th sense
The list of Schindler


The next useful and loved passion of mine is reading. I like good books and fortunately I read much more than I used to before.

Some books that I read recently:

Terry Pratchett: Mort
Terry Pratchett: The Colour of Magic
Frederic Forsyth: Icon
Jeffery Stone: The eve trilogy
Douglas Addams: The hitchikers guide to the galaxy
Agatha Christie: Five Little Pigs

Some of my favorit writers:

Jeffery Stone
Douglas Addams
Agatha Christie
Terry Pratchett

Péter Tar

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