• User registration, and login, based on group policy;
  • Displaying static informations.
  • multiple language support.
  • The portal includes a highly customizable display engine, wich can be used to display data form data tables based on templates. This engine provides the News, Links, Poems, Download sections of this page
  • Fuctions wich can be accessed to every visitor without logging-in:
    • Reading news
    • Search
    • Reading the Forum
    • Viewing auctions
    • Reading articles
    • Viewing events
    • Voting on anonymous votings
    • Viewing the gallery
    • Viewing static pages
    • Reading the adverts
    • Viewing voting standings
  • Every registered user can access after login:
    • Create new Forum topics, and sending messages
    • User settings
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Betting on auctions
    • Posting adverts
    • Voting on non anonymous votings, and editing the erlier questionaires
  • Administrators can access:
    • Creating and editing News, Articles, Events, Downloads
    • Creating and editing Static pages
    • Deleting Forum topics and messages
    • Administering Adverts
    • Viewing visitor statistics
    • Administering groups and memberships
    • Sending newsletter, and altering members
    • Upload pictures
    • Editing votings and questionaires, and viewing answers
    • Defining and editing Language and Style settings

The whole content of the site is contained in a database, providing us the ability to search for any content based on full text criterias. As soon as the content gets into the database, it can be viewed on the site, so it is possible to function as a news portal, changing the content within a second.

The built in advert engine can display the most common banner formats.

NOTE: The hungarian version is more up to date.
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