My programs

These programs are downloadable samples of my work.

  •  Airport v.:1.0 (40KB)

  • Downloads: 441
    Simulate an airport in MODULA (TUB)

  • Bcrack v.:1.12

  • Downloads: 379
    BIOS password cracker (ASM)

  • Calculator Project v.:1.60

  • Downloads: 251
    Calculator in PASCAL (TUB)

  •  Diagnose v.:1.2 (22KB)

  • Downloads: 418
    Measurement Laboratory 3 centralised diagnostics for Transputer cards, and with emulation under Linux.

  •  Domino v.:1.0 (32KB)

  • Downloads: 407
    How to arrange dominos in an n*(n-1) array. Written in SML and Prolog. (TUB Programming Paradigms homework)

  • Downfall v.:1.0a

  • Downloads: 292
    The downfall game for computer in C++ (TUB CASE)

  •  Elevator v.:1.0 (31KB)

  • Downloads: 447
    Elevator simulation in MODULA. (TUB Computer laboratory 5 homework)

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