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"Tired traveller,
relax here today!"
At first we will only skim the surface of the earth like young starlings, but soon, emboldened by practice and experience, we will spring into the air with the impetuousness of the eagle, diverting ourselves by watching the childish behavior of the little men or awling miserably around on the earth below us. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Do you know this joke?
This guy buys an old bottle at a yardsale. Upon polishing the bottle, a magical genie suddenly appears.

The grateful genie exclaims, "Thanks for letting me out of the bottle, I've been in there for a millenium. I'm pretty old and tired, but I think I've got one wish left."
The owner of the bottle says, "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I'm afraid to fly and I get sea sick, so build me a road."
"I'm too old and sick to grant that wish, got any other ideas?" replied the genie.
"OK," replied the guy, "I've always wanted to understand how a woman thinks, to understand her inner-most thoughts."
The genie replies, "Two lanes or four?"

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